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Re: Planning for NetBSD 5.0

Out of interest:

Alistair Crooks <> schrieb:
> + xorg being able to be built (and cross-built) for i386/amd64

Has this always been planned like that, i.e., only for i386/amd64, or
have there been unforeseen problems with crossbuilding for other ports?

> I think that maybe you're mistaking lack of public utterance about a
> 5.0 branch as being that nothing is happening, or that no plans have
> been made.  Believe me, nothing could be further from the truth.

At least to me it seemed plausible that the branching has been delayed,
because the feature freeze that was announced long ago appeared some-
what toothless, if not abandoned, judging from the amount of newly
added features (which I very much welcome, though).

Dennis den Brok

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