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Re: httpd: _lwp_ctl: Cannot allocate memory

Hi Andrew,

Sarton O'Brien wrote:
Andrew Doran wrote:

Could you try a ktrace -di on the failing command? Hopefully it does not
seteuid() which is likely to break the trace.
Appears not to be as reproducible as I first thought. When I used ktrace at boot, there were no problems present. So I removed the entry in rc.local and rebooted and then saw this:

Starting local daemons:Starting Webmin server in /root/webmin-1.310
perl: _lwp_ctl: Cannot allocate memory

Does this look like a bug to you or could this be caused by the offending products (perl and httpd in this case)? ... As in, could it be caused due to my neglect (recompiling after something core has been altered) or do you recognise how this message might be generated?

I thought I'd ask before I assume either.



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