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Re: sysctl documentation

On Thursday 13 March 2008 12:29:57 Greg Troxel wrote:
>   On a side note, our default send/receive socket values are small
>   enough that I can only get 350 kbytes/sec using scp between a 100 GB
>   link here at IETF and a 1 GB link back in California.  Upping these to
>   2x their current values let
> Wow, do you really mean 100 GB or 100 Mb/s?

I really mean 100 GB.  With IPv6 even.

Of course, it's split down so much that no one user could come close to that 
even if we had 100 machines with gigabit interfaces, so it's rather silly.

> I agree; these shoudl be in tcp(4) and sysctl should point to inet(4)
> for net.inet and that should point to tcp(4).

Perhaps this is somehing I can do while on a plane, and submit diffs.

Better documentation is always good, but no matter how awesome the words are, 
if one cannot find them, they are worthless.  :)

I'll make a list of items.  Ideally, each name should be documented somewhere 
obvious, with pointers around to the more detailed parts.  I'll see what I 
can come up with in my non-copious spare time.


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