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Re: sysctl documentation

On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 07:26:33AM -0500, Michael Graff wrote:
> I've often stumbled upon a new line in my sysctl -a output, and wondered what 
> exactly it does.

sysctl -d?

> On a side note, our default send/receive socket values are small enough that 
> I 
> can only get 350 kbytes/sec using scp between a 100 GB link here at IETF and 
> a 1 GB link back in California.  Upping these to 2x their current values let 
> me get 1 megabyte/sec, and upping them to 128k on each end made my laptop's 
> hard drive limit the transfer rate.

Note that you might need to change kern.sbmax as well.


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