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Problems making and booting ISOs in qemu-system-x86_32

I am trying to make my own bootable install ISO from files in the NetBSD
4.0 distribution. I have always used a script that allows booting by
Alpha and (either i386 or amd64 (they conflict)). I am now running into
the following problems, because for amd64 there is no boot floppy image
any more:

1. Name conflicts. Amd64 boots want /boot and /netbsd.gz in the
   filesystem (and amd64's /usr/mdec/bootxx_cd9660 is added as El Torito
   boot image apparently).  Alpha wants /boot and /netbsd.alpha.gz in
   the ISO image (and alpha's /usr/mdec/bootxx_cd9660 is added with
   Obviously /boot conflicts, and /netbsd.gz for amd64 ought to be
   /netbsd.amd64.gz too.

   Why don't the bootxx* first stage booters look for /boot.alpha resp.
   /boot.amd64 (before looking for /boot)? And why does the Alpha /boot
   look for /netbsd.alpha.gz but the amd64 /boot not look for

2. Boot problems. These occur with the supplied 4.0 .iso file too,
   so they are not caused by my iso creation process.

   The symptom is that if I start the .iso file in qemu

    qemu-system-x86_64 -serial stdio -cdrom amd64/installation/cdrom/boot.iso

   then it panics when it is about to create the mfs /dev. The last
   lines of output are

    warning: no /dev/console
    panic: cnopen: no console device
    syncing disks... done

    dump to dev 17,1 not possible

   If I use boot-com.iso instead, it works:

    warning: no /dev/console
    init: Creating mfs /dev (487 blocks, 1280 inodes)

   (and then it proceeds as normal)

   The file i386/installation/cdrom/boot.iso starts fine too (in qemu and
   on a real machine).

   So would this problem also occur on a real amd64 machine, or is it a
   qemu problem? I haven't brought my server down to try it yet.

I realise I can update my amd64 server by simply copying an install
kernel to / and booting it, but I really want a known working bootable
install cd for emergencies too, so I always update by using such a cd.

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