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NFS problems with 4.99.55 -current

Two issues seem to have arisen since updating my system to 4.99.55, both of them affecting NFS services.

1. In my /etc/exports file I have

        /build -maproot=root -network -mask
        /build -maproot=root -network -mask

   I don't remember ever seeing this before, but I now get the following
   message in my syslog file when I attempt to start nfs:

        Mar  2 07:32:13 speedy mountd[178]: "/build -maproot", line 2:
        Can't change attributes for /build to Operation
        not permitted

2. Even after I comment out the second export for "/build", I get the
   following message in syslog, and the file system is not exported:

        Mar  2 07:34:05 speedy nfsd[415]: nfssvc: Operation not

I'm certain that the kernel was built with NFS configured:

        speedy:paul {105} config -x | grep NFS
        options         NFSSERVER       # Network File System server
        file-system     NFS             # Network File System client
        file-system     KERNFS          # /kern
        speedy:paul {106}

Anyone have a clue as to what is wrong here?

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