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Re: serious current install issues (./ install=/ installs as rafal:staff vs. root:wheel)

On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 11:25:48AM -0500, Rafal Boni wrote:
  | Rafal Boni wrote:
  | >Folks:
  | >    I've now seen this on 3 machines, and paid a lot more attention to 
  | >my install attempt on the last one and I don't think it's user error.
  | >
  | >    I just rebuilt my tree a few days ago and was getting around to 
  | >installing it, when I noticed that all binaries (and some important dirs 
  | >like the sshd chroot, etc.) were owned by rafal:staff.  This is a pain 
  | >if you want to log into the machine ;)
  | >
  | >My install command was the usual:
  | >
  | >     ./ -T /extra/tools -O /extra/sparc64/obj -D 
  | >/extra/sparc64/root install=/
  | Oops, Matt would be correct.. that should have a -U on it.  I guess I 
  | convinced myself otherwise while attempting to upgrade the sgimips box 
  | by hand (because I didn't have a tooldir) and then propagated the error 
  | to the other two machines I was upgrading.
  | D'oh!  Nevermind, sorry.. another case of User Brain Damage..

This is why I recommend _not_ using "./ install=...".

Do "./ [...] distribution sets" and extract the tar files as root.
Less chance of a stuff-up.

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