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src/lib/libpthread changes of 2008-2-10 break pkgsrc/comms/asterisk


After src/lib/pthread changes of 2008-2-10 the unchanged asterisk
package of/on my cobalt qube2/mipsel fails to answer calls and
produces error messages like:

  Feb 15 15:37:34 ERROR[711] chan_sip.c: We could NOT get the channel lock for 
SIP/sipgate-7d999000 - Call ID!
  Feb 15 15:37:34 ERROR[711] chan_sip.c: SIP MESSAGE JUST IGNORED: SIP/2.0
  Feb 15 15:37:34 ERROR[711] chan_sip.c: BAD! BAD! BAD!

Reverting to libpthread based on before 2008-2-10 makes voip calls
handled normally again (and these error messages disappear).

Does anybody directly see what the problem is?
Any more specific info I can provide?


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