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Re: should we get rid of xf86-video-nv?


On Sun, 21 Nov 2021 08:24:44 +1100
matthew green <> wrote:

> > I wish to make nouveau(4) working on powerpc just for fun :)  
> this would be great :)
> i actually had this compiling long long ago with the old
> drm code but it hung, and my G4 didn't have serial console
> (i had the fob, but, it didn't fit my model due to the power
> connector being in the way.  oh well.)

If we'd somehow get LP64 support along the way that would solve the
kernel size problem on at least some machines ;)
And a PCIe G5 would probably be the easiest target since it would avoid
dealing with Apple's weirdo AGP.

have fun

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