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re: updating xf86-video-intel driver

Michael Richardson writes:
> Is there some script/process/README that I'm missing on how the
> code is imported into the xsrc tree?
> I see these dist/ subdirectories, but they seem to be neither a superset or
> subset of what's out there in land.

the upstream srcs are imported into


with some pre-generated files stored along side the
dist subdir in either include or src normally.

the build is over in src, though.  see:


(there are two versions to choose from.)

> (I'm also perplexed by the xfree/xc references in xsrc/Makefile.
> That must be old. somehow works while not tripping there.
> I don't quite understand what's going on. Used to be cd /usr/xsrc && make,
> did something, but maybe those days are long over)

someone (tm) should remove old xsrc/xfree refs.  you can
trigger something similiar to the old "make" in xsrc with
a "nbmake-foo build" in src/external/mit/xorg as a toplevel.


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