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Re: DDC info refresh?

On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 06:22:39PM -0400, Mouse wrote:
> > If I was working on this, I would aim for something like this:
> > - Report an event to userland upon a monitor hotplug.
> I've been investigating more, and it turns out all the infrastructure
> is there - there is already such an event defined by Xrandr.  In 8.0 it
> doesn't actually work - the event isn't sent upon monitor connect or
> disconnect, at least not in the case of my test machine, but is instead
> delayed until some (other) client queries state - but there is no need
> to define a new event or a new event-carrying mechanism or any of that.

Most of this code in Xorg is dependent on udev, a systemd library.
It uses the same userland reports next to the code I altered to have a
netbsd equivalent.
Except the netbsd equivalent doesn't do anything with the events.

static void
drmmode_handle_uevents(int fd, void *closure)
    if (changed) {

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