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Re: DDC info refresh?

On Tue, 21 Apr 2020, Mouse wrote:
I've been investigating more, and it turns out all the infrastructure is there - there is already such an event defined by Xrandr.

Do you mean "monitor connected" or "DDC info populated" as the event?

In 8.0 it doesn't actually work - the event isn't sent upon monitor connect or disconnect, at least not in the case of my test machine, but is instead delayed until some (other) client queries state

I've always wondered about this. In my case, I've got some superstition that having the VGA HD15 connector present when the machine powers on has been needed in some cases. I always felt like the DDC-getting mechanism was a bit of magic (which one of those pins carries that data? I thought VGA was pretty much all analog...).

but there is no need to define a new event or a new event-carrying mechanism or any of that.

So, in your experimentation are you able to connect the VGA HD15 to the monitor after the system starts up, issue some xrandr command to gather DDC, then reset your video mode with that updated timing? If so, good! That's something I've definitely had order-of-operation issues with in the past.


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