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X11R7 Xserver for x68k


Last weekend I've managed to port old xfree X68k Xserver to X11R7.

x68k port has not been wscons'fied (yet), so I just copied
old style xsrc/xfree/xc/program/Xserver/hw/netbsd/x68k server
sources to xsrc/external/mit/xorg-server/dist/hw/netbsd/x68k
and put minimum changes (for Xorg API changes) to build
a 'monolithic' Xserver binary like Xnest and Xvfb.
Patch is here (can be applied both HEAD and netbsd-6):

I've also built and prepared NetBSD/x68k 6.1.3 based snapshot
with X11R7 server and client binaries:

X server is confirmed working on both XM6i emulator and real X68030.
(though default 12MB memory is not enough at all for Xserver..)

There are several API changes between xfree and Xorg,
but they are almost mechanical (pulled from xnest changes).
Note xkb rule stuff doesn't work well so keymaps are setup
by XkbApplyMappingChange() function on starting Xserver.

More dumb API tips are here:

If there is no particular problem, I'll commit these changes
and switch x68k port X11FLAVOR=Xorg by default.

Have fun,
Izumi Tsutsui

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