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Re: in xsrc and modular-xorg in kgsrc update blocker


From: matthew green <>, Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2013 
14:17:57 +1100

>> What is in xsrc update blocker?
>> And what is update blocker of modular-xorg in pkgsrc?
>> Only man power?
>> There is some technical difficulties?
>> Probably pkgsrc-wip/irrlicht 1.8 requires newer
> [ speaking only for xsrc ]
> what's the problem?

OpenGL support of irrlicht does not work properly on NetBSD/amd64-current
with from xsrc, and NetBSD/i386 5.2 with pkgsrc.
On OpenBSD/amd64 5.2's X (I know their Xenocara is not as same as,
 OpenGL backend of irrlicht is works even with vesa driver. And I have
heard that on FreeBSD, OpenGL support is works on ordinary machine.
I have tested NetBSD on 3 machines (vesa, intel and vmware), and all my
attempts have failed.

I am not sure OpenGL and X, but if there is no technical difficulty,
for example, kernel module is required or others.
I want to try newer to determine that really newer X is required for
irrlicht 1.8 or not.

> xorg-server 1.10.3 is currently in xsrc.  updating this is
> more tricky than most other parts, due to the dependancies
> it has upon many other packages, and the fact that it often
> gets broken on netbsd or non-x86.  if you can test and deal
> with the update, you're most welcome to do it.  i've been
> busy with other things.  (contact me off list if you'd like
> more direction.)

I see.
I feel that non-x86 build is important for NetBSD too.
And I do not want to break non-x86, of cource.

If everyone is tolerant to my failure (that is, everyone allow
my give-up).
I want to try to update xsrc.

Sadly it seems that xsrc is too large for me.
But I want to check irrlicht behavior on newer on NetBSD.

Thank you.
I will send e-mail to you off-list later.

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