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re: in xsrc and modular-xorg in kgsrc update blocker

> What is in xsrc update blocker?
> And what is update blocker of modular-xorg in pkgsrc?
> Only man power?
> There is some technical difficulties?
> Probably pkgsrc-wip/irrlicht 1.8 requires newer

[ speaking only for xsrc ]

what's the problem?

xorg-server 1.10.3 is currently in xsrc.  updating this is
more tricky than most other parts, due to the dependancies
it has upon many other packages, and the fact that it often
gets broken on netbsd or non-x86.  if you can test and deal
with the update, you're most welcome to do it.  i've been
busy with other things.  (contact me off list if you'd like
more direction.)



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