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openchrome problems


we have (at my workplace) a few (diskless) boxes being X server
(and nasd, and mtools' floppyd) only boxen used as quiet workstations
connected to some server machines. The X driver used by the chipset
is openchrome.

With openchrome as in native Xorg from 6.0RC2, and 6.0_BETA2 (and
also 5.1something, IIRC)

- if accel_method is XAA (the default), xdvi and xfig -track nearly
  freeze the server.

  if the xfig -track process is successfully killed, the X server is
  normal again. xfig -notrack (or with cursorTracking: false) works

  xdvi, in general, needed X server machine rebooting (doing it
  that way was easiest, as the machine was a disk-less X server
  (and nasd) only box. It is not known whether killing xdvi only
  would revive the X server for other duties. (our workaround is
  a script calling dvips and gv)

- with 6.0RC2, if accel_method is EXA, xdvi and xfig -track work fine.
  Unfortunately, starting firefox on a client machine crashes the X 
  server immediately, so this is no current option for us.

What are the relative versions of the pkgsrc 2012Q2/Q3
and xsrc openchrome driver?

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