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Re: All UMS code removed from xf86-video-ati two weeks ago

On 30.06.2012 05:24, Blair Sadewitz wrote:
> I vaguely recall hearing about this, but I wasn't aware they ripped
> _that_ much code out until now.  I was browsing the Xorg tree as the
> first steps on the long road of getting back to where I was two years
> ago with regard to my comprehension of this whole thing--which wasn't
> that stellar, btw.
> I feel awkward saying, "We have to do something!@#" when I am not in a
> position to immediately do much of anything, but, umm, "we have to do
> something!@#". ;-)
> And to think I just purchased an r430 card in preparation for resuming
> where I left off with regard to this quixotic venture.  Who wants to
> come back to 2006 with me?!?!

Not me actually, but I am following the development regarding the
graphic stack (and wayland to some extent). I am not competent with it,
but it's an area where there is a lot of buzz (especially as a lot of
projects tend to split in different directions instead of playing
together: Android/Eina/GTK/Qt/... with Android clearly winning IMHO).

Just as "an introductory overview", here's the state of the art:

That was just an introduction, remember. Uh :)

Jean-Yves Migeon

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