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Re: All UMS code removed from xf86-video-ati two weeks ago

Blair Sadewitz wrote:
>I vaguely recall hearing about this, but I wasn't aware they ripped
>_that_ much code out until now.  I was browsing the Xorg tree as the
>first steps on the long road of getting back to where I was two years
>ago with regard to my comprehension of this whole thing--which wasn't
>that stellar, btw.
>I feel awkward saying, "We have to do something!@#" when I am not in a
>position to immediately do much of anything, but, umm, "we have to do
>something!@#". ;-)

I have been looking at the radeon KMS code a bit recently.

My feeling is that all the other groups who are interested in Xorg
need to get together and try to persuade the developers to accept
patches to the Linux kernel code to make it more portable.

There is a fair amount of stuff defined in drmP.h to help with
portablility but it is no longer being used by the the Linux drivers.

If a few extra areas were abstracted out as well such as i2c and
firmware loading then I think we might be able to track the Linux

>And to think I just purchased an r430 card in preparation for resuming
>where I left off with regard to this quixotic venture.  Who wants to
>come back to 2006 with me?!?!

Never mind 2006, I had hw accelerated X11 in 1989.

I'm waiting for delivery of a r710 to replace the evergreen card that
is in my main system now, at least I will get 2D accel then.

Robert Swindells

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