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Re: X11 {no}retro modifications

On Sun, Jan 15, 2012 at 03:29:35PM -0500, Mouse wrote:
 > > It would be better if we could get it to display something else, like
 > > a daemon image or even a gradient fill, but as I recall from the last
 > > discussion that isn't entirely trivial.
 > It's been a while since I looked at the guts of _any_ X server, and
 > I've never looked at the guts of anything that has this misfeature, but
 > I'm having trouble imagining an internal design for which it's
 > difficult to do a more or less arbitrary bi-level image.

My recollection is that the only easy change would be to tile with a
different machine-word-sized bit pattern. But there are many levels of
"not easy" and I think the previous discussion happened in the context
of a patch for -5 or something.

 > (b) have to write off the generality that X has traditionally had.
 > This _is_ for NetBSD, though, so (b) is probably acceptable.

oh hush you :-p

David A. Holland

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