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Re: X11 {no}retro modifications

>> Xorg upstream changed the default X background from the gray
>> [stipple] it had for years to a simple dark black.

Oh, ugh.  I have trouble calling that anything but a bug.

> It would be better if we could get it to display something else, like
> a daemon image or even a gradient fill, but as I recall from the last
> discussion that isn't entirely trivial.

It's been a while since I looked at the guts of _any_ X server, and
I've never looked at the guts of anything that has this misfeature, but
I'm having trouble imagining an internal design for which it's
difficult to do a more or less arbitrary bi-level image.  (If you want
something other than bi-level, it's going to be more complicated, since
you'll either (a) need to fall back when the display doesn't have the
colour capabilities to display your image, or (b) have to write off the
generality that X has traditionally had.

This _is_ for NetBSD, though, so (b) is probably acceptable.

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