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Re: Xorg keymap and wskbd keymap

I wrote:

> I'm not sure how it worked before, but it looks the default XKB map
> (which is xfree86) overwrites a prepared keymap provided by WSKBDIO_GETMAP
> and specifying the "empty" XKB model (Option "XkbModel" "empty") leaves
> a keymap passed from xf86-input-keyboard driver as is.
> On the other hand, I've also checked how I can write XKB config file
> for Dreamcast keyboard, and now it seems also working even without
> any xf86-input-keyboard changes.

In this case, auto repeat for modifier keys (SHIFT/CTRL/ALT)
still have some problem.  These keys work as modifiers properly
but pressing them still generates autorepeat (per xev(1)).
BackSpace key which has the same keycode as Shift_L on AT and
"/" key (same code as Shift_R on AT) don't get autorepeat.

It looks Xorg sources (under xf86PostKeyboardEvent()?)
still assume pseudo AT keycode used in old XFree86,
but I'm not sure how autorepeat is handled in xkb.
Is there any clue? Can't we use native keycodes other than AT yet?

BTW, I notice that Dreamcast Maple keyboard has the same keycode map
as USB one, and using existing wsUsb map in bsd_KbdMap.c just works.
Oh well.  (though other ports still require own maps..)

Izumi Tsutsui

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