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re: Xorg keymap and wskbd keymap

> xsrc/external/mit/xf86-input-keyboard/dist/src/ws_KbdMap.c
>  - new file which includes conversion from wsksym to XKB keysyms,
>    based on the above old hpcKeymap.c written by uch@
>  (XXX: local file should be put into reachover dir rather than dist dir?)

i think this should go in the dist dir, since it should be
contributed upstream anyway.

> - src/external/mit/xorg/server/drivers/xf86-input-keyboard/Makefile
>  - use -DUSE_WSKBD_GETMAP to enable the new WSKBDIO_GETMAP feature
>  - pull a new file ws_KbdMap.c
>  (XXX: similar changes should be in dist/

sounds likely.

everything else seems fine to me, though i'm not sure about
the wskbd ttype name table.

thanks for updating more ports to xorg!


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