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radeonhd 5xxx support report - X works, drm doesn't.

hi folks.

because i felt bored :-), i bought a cheap radeon hd 5450 card the
other day and tried it out.

unfortunately, radeondrm doesn't attach.  the basic X works fine if
you consider modern radeon without drm "fine".  there's no Xvideo..

i ported the minimum of kernel code i thought was necessary to get it
working and while radeondrm attached, xf86-video-ati doesn't have the
code to work with it yet (xf86-video-radeonhd didn't attach at all.[*])
hopefully future updates of xf86-video-ati will fix this.  it might
require more updates in our drm than i've made, it's difficult to
actually test.  (there is a LOT of new bsd-style copyright radeon drm
code published by AMD now.)

i'll probably commit the minor changes i've made for the newer drm,
but for now it doesn't seem like a good choice if you want to have a
good desktop.


[*] in general, i do not recommend using xf86-video-radeonhd unless
    it is absolutely necessary.

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