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Re: XVideo vs. i855GM <> schrieb:
> The result is that with DRI enabled, X starts up but doesn't display
> anything. The keyboard seems locked; capslock, for instance, does
> not toggle the corresponding LED, and I can't seem to get out of
> X any way else than by pressing the power button. However, doing
> so yields a clean shutdown, so X didn't lock up the machine
> completely. I've put logs up at

First, thanks for the off-list reply I got.

I noticed I hadn't actually checked native Xorg, which turned out
to work fine with DRI enabled. So this seems to be a regression
with xf86-video-intel. A web search suggests that this has also
bitten others, in particular Ubuntu users, causing Ubuntu to disable
DRI for i8xx chipsets by default.

Maybe it's time to create a "xf86-video-intel-legacy" package? I
guess this will someday be necessary anyway, when the Intel driver
gets updated to a version that requires kernel-based modesetting...


Dennis den Brok

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