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Testers needed for XAA/XRENDER patch


with the last Xorg update ( from 1.4 to 1.6 ) Xrender performance with XAA went down the drain, both visually and according to x11perf - aaftext. Part of it is caused by the new glyph rendering code which uses scratch pixmaps and apparently relies on them being in video memory. Problem is, they broke XAA's off-screen pixmap support years ago and XAA couldn't accelerate vram-to-vram composite ops anyway. The attached patch avoids using scratch pixmaps in XAA and gives a noticeable ( and measurable ) speedup in anti-aliased font rendering at least on sparc64 with Creator3D graphics. I didn't commit it yet because it may have side effects I just don't see, so please test. The performance increase probably depends on your CPU more than anything else - a fast CPU with slow XRENDER hardware will see a small increase if at all, a slow CPU with better XRENDER hardware will see a better increase.

have fun

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