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re: via_drm broken on netbsd-5

   Unfortunately, the dmesg backlog is lost, dumpcore doesn't seem to work
   (it complains about (null) bad address at reboot), so I couldn't
   diagnose the problem yet.  I might try remote console with ddb later if
   I have the time.

try running "savecore -N /netbsd" (or your kernel).  there's a bug...
   On a side note, I also see these in dmesg when savagedrm is enabled
   (might not be related):
   savagedrm0 at vga1error: [drm:pid0:drm_attach] *ERROR* pci_mapreg info for 
32 fa
   error: [drm:pid0:drm_attach] *ERROR* pci_mapreg info for 36 failed
   : SuperSavage IX/C SDR
   savagedrm0: AGP at 0x00000000 0MB
   savagedrm0: Initialized savage 2.4.1 20050313

those *ERROR* messages are harmless and you've reminded me i want to
pullup the change to demote them...

if there's a way to get Xorg.0.log as well, that would be nice, but it
probably isn't written to disk in time.

anyone know if there's a way to get all the info written to the log
to also go to stdout/err?  then you could monitor the output remotely.
(i test many things by running 'startx' manually remotely on my test
box, and setting my $DISPLAY.)


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