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Re: Updated drm code

FUKAUMI Naoki wrote:

I noticed radeon_irq.c and radeon_state.c are not from r6xx-r7xx-support
branch. I replaced these two files but same result.

Thank you!

I made a new tarball that contains your fixes, and some more fixes by
me, detailed below. With these changes, my Radeon HD 3870 now works.
I didn't test yet much more than plain X and XVideo, though.

The new tarball is available at the same address as previous:

The important change that was needed is that drm_scatter.c was
fixed to return pointer to all allocated pages, not just the
beginning of the allocated segments.

Other changes:

 - drm_scatter maps COHERENT memory
 - drm_drawable: drawable handle allocation is done
   inside lock
 - drm_memory: when mapping "agp" memory, store offset
   of mapped area, so that new requests to same offset
   return the same area instead of trying to remap
   and fail
 - drm_vm: use bus_space_mmap for frame buffer and registers

 - r600_cp.c: ioremapfree allocated gart range
 - radeon_cp.c: use mtsleep
 - some memset calls I had added had their args swapped,
   and no memory was cleared

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