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Re: Screen corruption under Xen DOM0 in firefox

On Fri, 6 Mar 2009 01:04:04 +0000 (GMT)
David Brownlee <> wrote:

>       Interesting - I can reproduce it on firefox2 and thunderbird
>       on this system but not on openoffice (for example). Did you
>       see your issues on xen or straight i386? Were you using
>       a radeon or radeonhd driver? Thanks

The radeon driver on plain i386 (although i686 compiled system), sorry
if the previous post lacked this information.  I also haven't
encountered any other such corruption problem than under firefox 3.

Other odd problems I had on netbsd-5 base xorg were:

xscreensaver 3D modules under DRI, but these might well be related to
xscreensaver-specific bugs (some modules such as glmatrix appear to
have an invisible texture, and so only work with -wireframe or
-no-texture).  Moreover I can run xscreensaver modules fine manually,
but when xscreensaver activates them itself they appear to be
unaccelerated (I didn't look yet into why).

When exiting X11 or switching to a console text terminal, the text is
now black on black, until I run a command such as "vbetool post", which
is not ideal as it also restores the hardware cursor and interferes
with the display.  I also had this problem with the rage128 driver on
xorg, although not at all with netbsd-4's xfree86.

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