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Re: Screen corruption under Xen DOM0 in firefox

On Thu, 5 Mar 2009, Matthew Mondor wrote:

David Brownlee <> wrote:

        I'm trying Xen on my NetBSD 5.0 laptop and one thing I've
        moticed is that the Firefox window seems to suffer corruption
        when focus is gained/lost (this is under gnome on a Thinkpad
        T60p using the radeonhd driver on a ATI MOBILITY FireGL V5250

        An example is at:

        Note that the 'Tools' on the menu bar has been garbled, as has
        part of the webpage.

        Has anyone else seem anything similar?

Under a desktop with an ATI radeon card I had some corruption with native
firefox 3, but which only happened under some specific pages/tabs, so it
seemed like a gecko bug to me...  I've not had any such problem with
firefox 2 however.  No idea if this is related or not to your problem
though.  The type of corruption I observed appeared different too.

        Interesting - I can reproduce it on firefox2 and thunderbird
        on this system but not on openoffice (for example). Did you
        see your issues on xen or straight i386? Were you using
        a radeon or radeonhd driver? Thanks

                David/absolute       -- No hype required --

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