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Re: S3 864 xserver work

Hi! all,

I remade xorg support patch on bebox and prep.

The newer patch here.  It is support 'VideoRam' of 'Section "Device"'.

Shall I post the report and this patch to X.Org Foundation?

Also can download binary sets for bebox and prep.

However I found a new problem.
I noticed drawing on bebox and prep by a strange color.  In 16bpp case,
for instance, firefox was drawn by purple and pink.  However in 8bpp
case, beautiful and rough color.  In 32bpp case, The monitor displays
'sync out of range'.
What do you think reason of this problem?
s3's color palet or powerpc or endian problems?

And, the screen in 864(SDAC) of prep and the problem that only the left
half is displayed is not solved either.  For instance, the font of 16x8
is displayed. The displayed font is seen 16x16.

# Welcome prep's xserver report for me!!

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