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Re: Xorg segfaulting and other problems

On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 10:00:14PM +0100, Jukka Salmi wrote:
> Hello,
> after successfully running XFree86 on a NetBSD/i386 current system for
> years I recently decided to give the in-tree Xorg a try.  Using binaries
> built from sources as of 2009-01-02 I noticed several problems:
> - With XFree86 I'm using a Matrox G450 card with a dual head setup.
>   This works fine.  Of course I want to do the same with Xorg.  Thus
>   the first thing I did was running xorgconfig(1) and manually porting
>   various parts like the dual screen configuration from XF86Config(5) to
>   xorg.conf(5).  But running startx(1) afterwards resulted in Xorg dumping
>   core; a gdb bt shows:

I had a similar problem, with a similar backtrace, using an nvidia card.
I had reported it as well as my (or marcin's) solution here. 
Solution: Don't use the builtin randr stuff. use xrandr itself.
Maybe that helps you, too. The developer of the free nv driver said, it's
likely a bug in / randr but of course I thought NetBSD was the culprit. (report) (solved)



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