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Re: Native Xorg on sparc confirmed working


On Nov 10, 2008, at 2:57 AM, Volker A. Brandt wrote:

as the subject says I built a userland with Xorg from yesterdays
sources and native Xorg works on my SS20 with an 1MB TurboGX.

Impressive.  Thanks for your work!

Not quite done yet :)

This will allow 24bit
colour on SS20s with CG14 ( unaccelerated until someone manages to dig
up documentation for the SX rendering engine found on SS20
mainboards )

In March we had a little discussion here in port-sparc, and the result
was that someone went to the Sun web page and requested that they
release the documentation to the public.  In August, the status on the
web page was changed to "Unable to locate". For details, see:

I know, I think I started it ;)

I guess this means that Sun is unable to release any docs since they
do not have them any more.  So it seems that the only way left to get
at the SX doc is for one person to actually look at the Solaris source
code for the driver, write a spec, and for some other person to
implement the spec.

Sun's X11 DDX for the SX is the source code we need to look at. For setup of things like VRAM ( since the SX can also render into RAM or use RAM as z-buffer ) we can rely on the firmware to do The Right Thing for now. All I need to know is how to make the SX do tricks like fill and copy rectangles, maybe do some alpha blending as well ( I'm pretty sure the SX can do at least a little bit of that too ). Unfortunately the Solaris headers aren't useful - they give a few hints but that't it.

have fun

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