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Native Xorg on sparc confirmed working


as the subject says I built a userland with Xorg from yesterdays sources and native Xorg works on my SS20 with an 1MB TurboGX. The only useful driver so far is suncg6, I already moved the acceleration code from xsrc over. Xorg -configure works but the resulting xorg.conf needs some small adjustments: - you need Option "Protocol" "wskbd" and Option "Device" "/dev/wskbd0" in the keyboard section - you need to specify DefaultDeph 8 in the Screen section.- you may want to disable the damage and composite extensions since they slow things down considerably Otherwise it works, also with more than one cg6 present ( in that case you'll end up with a multihead configuration which should Just Work, I tested that on an U1 with two cg6. )
As before, this requires a wscons kernel.

I'll get at least the pnozz, agten and cg14 drivers working which is more or less what we supported with XFree86. This will allow 24bit colour on SS20s with CG14 ( unaccelerated until someone manages to dig up documentation for the SX rendering engine found on SS20 mainboards ), SparcBook 3GX and similar, and with Fujitsu AG-10e graphics board. The latter two with acceleration.

have fun

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