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Native Xorg on sparc64


in the last few days I committed the missing bits&pieces needed to run native Xorg on sparc64. All you need to do is setenv MKXORG yes and distribution. Do NOT specify -x or -X. SBus support is present but untested and nor useful since no SBus or UPA drivers have been imported yet ( I think I'll do sunffb and suncg6 in the near future ). The Xserver will detect SBus and UPA carts ( even though it thinks my FFBs are AFBs ) but won't be able to use them for lack of drivers. PCI drivers should work but the only one I tested so far is radeon ( with an XVR-100 ) - it works fine, although monitor configuration is rather different than in XFree86 ( you HAVE TO specify a Monitor section for each of the radeon's outputs, just putting it into the Screen section isn't enough and won't work right ) The mach64 driver should work out of the box ( would be nice if anyone could confirm that ), glint probably won't ( XFree's needed a simple change to work on BE hardware, I suspect Xorg's needs it too ).

The wsfb driver is included, should work as before but it's completely untested so far.

It should also build on sparc but for the lack of sbus drivers it's of limited use. Wsfb should work though.

have fun

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