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Re: CVS commit: src/external/mpl/dhcp

Paul Goyette <> writes:

> On Thu, 21 Jun 2018, Kamil Rytarowski wrote:
>> Module Name:	src
>> Committed By:	kamil
>> Date:		Thu Jun 21 11:02:48 UTC 2018
>> Modified Files:
>> 	src/external/mpl/dhcp:
>> Log Message:
>> Make building of dhcp compatible with MKSANITIZER
>> Disable LD flags (-Wl,-Bstatic and -Wl,-Bdynamic) with enabled MKSANITIZER.
>> These options are incompatible with the current design of sanitizers,
>> because they cause duplication of symbols into programs and thus symbols
>> from the interceptors from sanitizers cannot be linked.
>> This change makes effectively mounting /usr required for dhcp programs like
>> dhclient(8).
> This could be difficult if /usr is nfs-mount and requires dhcp and
> friends for setting up the network.

I'm not following this but something seems strange.

Are you really saying that a program that is in /sbin will not work with
/usr not mounted?  That seems quite broken; the whole point of /sbin
being separate from /usr/sbin was always that things would work without

So it seems more reasonable to conclude that dhclient must be excluded
from the sanitizer than that it should fail without /usr.

(There's the whole issue of whether ISC dhclient is so big that it
doesn't belong in sbin, switching to dhcpcd, etc., but those are
separate issues.)

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