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Re: [Patch] Switch nvi from bundled regex to tre

In article <>,
Rin Okuyama  <> wrote:
>On 2017/11/15 16:08, Rin Okuyama wrote:
>> On 2017/11/15 15:46, Kamil Rytarowski wrote:
>>> While there we might sync up with upstream tre from:
>>> Including feeding up local changes as noted in doc/3RDPARTY.
>> Thank you for your comments.
>> I will sync it with upstream before installing headers.
>> Also, I will send pull-request.
>Hmm, the upstream has not been actively updated for this past
>few years. Critical bugs including CVE-2016-8859 left untouched.
>DragonFly and Apple, who use tre as their regex routines in libc,
>also leave the CVE. On the other hand, musl libc aggressively
>fixes bugs.
>How about taking fixes from musl, after syncing with the latest
>official upstream? Whereas musl itself is in the MIT license,
>but, of course, files from tre are kept in the BSD license.
>I'd like to merge their fixes except for nonstandard extensions
>to regular expressions. How do you think about it?

Not that it matters in this case, but tre has pathological memory consumption
issues in certain cases. See /usr/src/tests/lib/libtre/Makefile. Also please
make sure that the patches don't break the regression tests.


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