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Re: Moving virecover to ~/


Thus wrote (

> I can make it a one time message (I thought it did this already, but
> guess not).
> I lose vi files by SSH problems, and I don't reboot the server, so I
> only found out about ancient virecover'd files a few months later.

If we have a virecover check running from .profile and friends,
how about not sending mail (which may not be set up correctly) but
just giving a "you have saved edits; use vi -r to list and recover"
when doing an interactive login? Similar to "you have mail".

You need file owner plus fstat to make sure the file is not
a "life" session (-> pretty small attack surface), and the output is
less annoying while still helpful.

+1 on "a full path of the edited file would be helpful", too.


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