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Re: Moving virecover to ~/


Thus wrote Robert Elz (kre%munnari.OZ.AU@localhost):

> The save files should (where possible) not be on a filesystem (or even
> a drive) that is shared with files likely to be edited (which makes /var
> a reasonable choice) - that way the temp files are safe when writing the
> file back fails because of no space (incl out of quota) or hardware
> failures.   Keeping them in $HOME is a seriously poor choice.

point. bother.

> I don't want e-mail about saved files every time I login - once per
> system reboot is already too many - once (ever) would be better.

With my bofh hat on, what I want you to do is clean up: don't let
archeological layers grow in vi.recover that only get resolved when the
system function gets removed or root goes and cleans up files older
than a month because the file system is full and look, likely victim!
Some nagging does seem useful to me. :)


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