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LLDB: Sanitizing the debugger's runtime


I posted the LLDB/NetBSD report for May:

I'm heading now to get the LLVM sanitizers aboard and use them for
further development of the LLDB/NetBSD port.

I need to modify the whole stack of LLVM (llvm, clang, compiler-rt,
libsanitizer). I prepared environment to execute tests in LLVM and Clang
and they appear to be in acceptable shape now to move on to sanitizers.

  Expected Passes    : 13216
  Expected Failures  : 107
  Unsupported Tests  : 7242
  Unexpected Failures: 252

  Expected Passes    : 9847
  Expected Failures  : 14
  Unsupported Tests  : 876
  Unexpected Failures: 2

This work is sponsored by The NetBSD Foundation.

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