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Updating dtrace(1) man page


The dtrace(1) man page currently seems to be a vanilla copy of what is
shipped with Solaris. For example it says that dtrace is a tracing
framework for Solaris. Similarly, it has references to Solaris
specific tools (isainfo -b) and documentation (Solaris Dynamic Tracing

I was thinking to make a few changes to reflect that it was ported to
NetBSD from Solaris and to remove Solaris specific references. Then, I
looked at FreeBSD's dtrace(1) man page and they have already done
that. As a bonus, they have converted the man page to mdoc(7).

I have compared our man page with theirs and everything is the same,
minus the references to Solaris specific tools and documentation.
Should we replace our man page with the FreeBSD version?


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