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Re: Updating dtrace(1) man page

In article <>,
Abhinav Upadhyay  <> wrote:
>The dtrace(1) man page currently seems to be a vanilla copy of what is
>shipped with Solaris. For example it says that dtrace is a tracing
>framework for Solaris. Similarly, it has references to Solaris
>specific tools (isainfo -b) and documentation (Solaris Dynamic Tracing
>I was thinking to make a few changes to reflect that it was ported to
>NetBSD from Solaris and to remove Solaris specific references. Then, I
>looked at FreeBSD's dtrace(1) man page and they have already done
>that. As a bonus, they have converted the man page to mdoc(7).
>I have compared our man page with theirs and everything is the same,
>minus the references to Solaris specific tools and documentation.
>Should we replace our man page with the FreeBSD version?

Sure, go for it!


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