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Few C11 and C99 missing features in libc

I have a scratch list of missing C11 features in our libc, I include few
more entries for C99 ones.

As I'm swamped out I'm pasting the list here.

C11 missing features in NetBSD:

1. Atomic operation library
2. Thread support library [optional]
Not widely used as I believe it's blocked by the lack of implementation
in GLIBC (they wanted to implement it. but so far failed). In the base
distribution used in MESA. I have local draft implementing the whole
library, however the first step is to cleanup and merge this one (Joerg
had comments to it):
3. <uchar.h> UTF-16 and UTF-32 character utilities
7. Analyzability [OPTIONAL]
8. __STDC_IEC_559_COMPLEX__ (?)
9. errno_t <stddef.h>
10. rsize_t <stdint.h>
11. RSIZE_MAX <stdlib.h>
12. Bounds-checking interfaces (Annex K) [optional]

C99 missing features in NetBSD:
1. MATH_ERRNO <math.h>
2. MATH_ERREXCEPT <math.h>
3. math_errhandling <math.h>
4. <tgmath.h>

If someone could focus on it for NetBSD-8 it would be great, once done -
I volunteer to scan the standard for more missing parts [if any] (and
cover more extensively C99).

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