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Re: libpthread_dbg removal from base

In article <>,
Kamil Rytarowski  <> wrote:
>libpthread_dbg(3) is a remnant library from the M:N thread model
>(pre-NetBSD-5.0) API to introspect threads within a process and for use
>of a debuggers.
>Currently in the 1:1 model it's not used in GDB neither in LLDB and it's
>not either planned to be used. It's current function to read pthread_t
>structures is realizable within a regular debugger capable to
>instrospect objects within a tracee (GDB, LLDB...).
>I'm going to:
> - detach from GDB in the base,
> - detach it from GDB in pkgsrc,
> - send upstream a patch removing it from GDB,
> - import libpthread_dbg(3) to pkgsrc for those who still might depend
>on it,
> - remove it from the base distribution.
>The current function to iterate over threads is realizable with
>ptrace(2) and the PT_LWPINFO operation.
>In the past libpthread_dbg was a part of the FreeBSD distribution but it
>was removed from there long time ago.

Can you provide a patch that makes gdb not use it first?


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