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Re: curses: wmove(window, ...) doesn't set physical cursor

On Sat, Oct 01, 2016 at 08:44:52PM +0200, Carsten Kunze wrote:
> while wmove(stdscr, ...) seems to work fine, wmove(<other_window>, ...) doesn't move the physical cursor, even if the other window has the same position and size as stdscr.  Tested with NetBSD 7.99.39 (GENERIC.201609300910Z) amd64.  Is this a known problem?  (The problem does not occur with ncurses from pkgsrc.)

As with your other post, we need to check the specification and see what
is supposed to happen.  In general we will follow the specification for
curses unless that is unclear/undefined at which point we will adopt
ncurses behaviour (yes, there are exceptions to this - when there is
good reason).

The specification I am referring to is here:

Brett Lymn

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