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Re: updates?

In article <>,
Charles Cui  <> wrote:
>Hi Christos,
>   I spend time in studying the current code base, and checkout to previous
>commit to see where I introduced the problems (just like a binary search).
>In this way, I hope to narrow down to the real problem.
>One thing that I found was my sshd is still working even applying all those
>I can login into the vm via ssh, and run tests.
>By the way, how do you fix the problems which makes your sshd broken?

1. In siggetinfo(), if we exit the loop without finding a signal, count == 0
   and we return right there without initializing "out". This is what breaks
   things for me.
2. In sigget we only remove from the set if ret == 1 (but this is not a bug
   really); I think it is better to do (more similar to the old code):

        sigdelset(&sp->sp_set, signo);
        count = siggetinfo(sp, out, signo);
        if (count > 1)
                sigaddset(&sp->sp_set, signo);


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