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Re: updates?

2016-07-21 10:16 GMT-07:00 Christos Zoulas <>:

> In article <
> Charles Cui  <> wrote:
> >I did not quite understand it.
> >
> >This patch removes all ret = -1 logics, and set error at kpsignal2,
> >did you want to set error code inside sigput?
> Yes sigput should return EAGAIN, the ret variable should be called error,
> and all errors from sigput() should goto discard (unless there is some
> cleanup that needs to be done).
Got it, I will fix it.

> >The handling order of realtime signal and standard signals are not defined
> >by POSIX.
> >Some OSes handle realtime signal in FIFO order, but some select the
> >realtime signal with lowest number first.
> >It's still good to know the real results, though.
> Yes, and it is good to verify that the ordering for realtime signals is
> correct too.
OK, I can write a program as you designed. Right now I have netbsd and
Linux environments, and
can verify the ordering in these platforms.

> christos

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