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Re: Possible enhancement to find(1)

On Sat, 11 Jun 2016, Robert Elz wrote:

You added -since but documented -msince in the man page.

I think I just fixed that in my local copy.  wiz@ pointed it out.

If you were also to add

	{ "-newerat", N_ASINCE,	c_asince,	1 },		/* gnu find compat */
	{ "-newerct", N_CSINCE,	c_csince,	1 },
	{ "-newermt", N_SINCE,	c_since,	1 },    /* ung */

in the appropriate place, you'd have something that was command line
compatible with gnu findutils, so scripts written for that find, which
only use facilities actually implemented here, would work.

Would that really be such an evil thing?

For me, yes. I will not implement the ugly gnu stuff, neither in its entirety nor partially.

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