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Re: Possible enhancement to find(1)

On Fri, 10 Jun 2016, Thomas Klausner wrote:

On Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 02:18:16PM +0800, Paul Goyette wrote:
I often find myself (no pun intended!) wanting to determine which files were
accessed before/since a particular timestamp.  There currently exist the
-{a,c}{newer,min,time} primitives, but none of these allow me to say "since
today at 5 AM".

I'd like to suggest adding new primitives

	-asince "timestamp"
	-csince "timestamp"

where the timestamp argument would be converted to an actual time using

Does anyone else think this is a good idea?  Is there anyone who would
object to adding these primitives?

No, but can you please check some other operating systems/GNU tools if
they have some option like that and match the name, if possible?

I've checked both FreeBSD and OpenBSD and they don't seem to have done anything similar. At least, no mention in their man pages.

Does anyone have suggestions and web-sites for a couple of linux distros? I'm not going to check them all... :)

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