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Re: timers related

On May 28, 11:28pm, (Charles Cui) wrote:
-- Subject: timers related

| HI guys,
|     I have 3 timers related macro to be added, which are _SC_CPUTIME,
| the first and second are set to be 200112L in freebsd. I am wondering
| what's the meaning of those macros? and what are the cases to use these
| macros? I am thinking of where to add logics related with these macros. By
| the way, freebsd source cannot be browsed on nxr any more?

_SC_CPUTIME is for clock_getcpuclockid()
_SC_THREAD_CPUTIME is for pthread_getclockcpuid()
_SC_DELAYTIMER_MAX is for timer_getoverrun()

I just used google to find them...


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