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Re: refine of the GSOC project

On Mon, May 09, 2016 at 03:05:11AM +0700, Robert Elz wrote:
>     Date:        Sun, 8 May 2016 12:14:57 -0700
>     From:        Charles Cui <>
>     Message-ID:  <>
>   | One more thing, I still need to install kernel and userland together,
>   | then reboot.
>   | If I installed kernel and reboot and install userland, it will
>   | promotes me the errors that I send you earlier, but I already compiled
>   | the tools at first.
>   | ./maketars: /usr/obj/tooldir.NetBSD-7.99.29-i386/bin/nbpax: not found
> Is it possible that your /usr/obj is a mounted filesystem on a tmpfs
> or mfs (or similar) and no longer exists after the reboot?

Isn't this rather that before the reboot, the tooldir is
".../tooldir.NetBSD-6.something..." and after the reboot, because the
kernel version changed, it looks in

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